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All Appliances: Includes air conditioner, dishwasher, kitchen disposal, stove and refrigerator
Apartment: A self contained set of rooms with private entry, own kitchen, bathroom, etc.
Condo: Short term for condominium. Single family dwelling but attached to similar residences
Efficiency: Also known as studio. Usually one large room which includes kitchen area and bath
Floor: Refers to location in building, first floor, second floor, etc. where the first floor is the ground floor
Furnished: An apartment has basic furniture to use
House: Single-family dwelling: stand alone
Kitchen Disposal: A garbage disposal in the sink for grinding non-metal and non-paper garbage
Lease: A signed agreement which lists start and ending date of contract
Long Term: A lease of 6 months or more is required
Rent: An amount listed in dollars and represents total charge per month unless otherwise stated in comments
Room: A private bedroom but the rest of the dwelling not necessarily available for use
Security Deposit: Usually one month's rent held in escrow until resident vacates premises
Share: A private bedroom but share common areas of apartment
ShortTerm: Typically a lease of 6 months or less
Washer/Dryer: A rental property can have a washer and/or dryer, the connections or hookup for a washer and/or dryer, or there is a coin operated washer and/or dryer on site
Utilities: If an item is listed, it means that the cost is included in the rental charge
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Publication of the listings does not imply inspection or endorsement by Yale University. Yale University upholds the principle of equality in housing opportunity. We insist that landlords or agents who list with the Off Campus Housing abide by the Connecticut Statutes prohibiting discrimination based on race, creed, color or national or ethnic origin, ancestry, gender, marital status, age, lawful source of income, mental or physical disability or sexual orientation.